Wake Up Your Tired Brand

We asked 2,000 UK consumers to tell us why they turn away from tired brands – and what tired brands need to do to get back on their radar.

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of consumers are more likely to buy
from brands they see as being
& relevant.

If consumers don’t see your brand as bold, ambitious, surprising & relevant, it’s probably dead tired.

And consumers don’t buy tired brands if they have a better option.

People want to buy from ambitious brands… especially if they’re younger consumers.

of people
...believe it’s important for a brand to demonstrate ambition.

of consumers
...aged 16-28 say it is ‘very’ important for brands to be ambitious.

What does an ambitious brand look like?

Ambitious brands lead the agenda, stand out from the competition, and inspire copycats. They don’t follow trends, they create them.

There are so many brands to choose from today that consumers have got better at filtering out the old, boring ones. Old, boring brands feel like an average version of their nearest competitors, as they wither away trying to be all things to all people – and, instead, end up meaning nothing to anyone.

If you’re failing to land with consumers, especially the youth, maybe you aren’t making enough effort to lead? In which case, quit watching the competition, and start doing something truly new…

of all consumers
...say they want to see brands launch brand-new products, and challenge the status quo.

Tired Brands get stuck in a focus-groups / consumer-testing rut, unable to make decisions or come to a shared conclusion.
Exciting brands do real things in the real world.

of all consumers
...say they want brands to surprise them.

Sometimes brands get stuck focusing on the past, and not what’s ahead. And that’s a surefire way to shuffle off into obscurity.

If you don’t think about ways to evolve and surprise consumers, you’ll lose them.

One thing we often hear from tired brands is “oh, that won’t work in my category”. But out-of-category thinking is precisely what consumers are now demanding to see, in exchange for their time. They want to see things that they haven’t seen before, and to want things they don’t know they want yet.

of consumers
...want brands that are relatable.

Consumers instinctively feel that relatable brands understand their personal wants and needs – believing with certainty that ‘this is a brand for me’.

Being a tired brand is a costly business.

of young consumers
...say they ‘probably’ or ‘definitely’ spend more money with brands that are bold, surprising, ambitious and relatable. These consumers are also more likely to be won-over to brands if they take steps to revitalise via these behaviours.

Overcoming brand tiredness isn’t just important in winning-over the new high-earners and Gen-Z consumers that are becoming so important to brands; it also offers significant potential to bring lapsed shoppers back into the fold.

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